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According to the Auxílio Brasil payment schedule, releases will take place until this Friday (29).

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Beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil who have NIS final 9 receive this Thursday (28) the payment for the month of July. Citizens covered by the program earn approximately R$ 400, which can be used to buy food, pay debts and other financial needs.

According to the payment schedule, releases will take place until this Friday (29). Amounts are paid according to the final NIS number, since Auxílio Brasil maintained the Bolsa Família deposit dates.

A new amount of R$ 600 starts to be paid in August this year. The change in the amount paid monthly to Auxílio Brasil beneficiaries is part of the PEC das Bondades, which promotes changes in some social programs.

Who is Auxílio Brasil intended for?

Auxílio Brasil provides financial support to families in poverty and extreme poverty. With the amount released monthly, citizens who fit the program’s requirements can pay their bills.

To participate in the social program, families must:

  • Being in a situation of poverty and extreme poverty with children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, adolescents and young people between 0 and 21 incomplete in its composition
  • Have a monthly per capita family income of R$105 or less (extremely poor families);
  • Have a per capita family income of R$100 to R$210 (poor families);
  • Be registered in the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico) and have updated registration data in the last 2 years.

Number of beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil should increase

According to the Ministry of Citizenship, approximately 18.2 million Brazilians received Auxílio Brasil in June. Currently, the benefit queue reaches 1.6 million families, who are awaiting approval to participate in the social program.

This program may have new permanent beneficiaries. That’s because the project, which plans to expand the number of users of the program starting this semester, wants to permanently include new citizens.

Through the Access to Information Law, Folha had access to data from the Ministry of Citizenship that show that the queue was 764,500 families in May this year. This was the volume of users already approved by the government, but who had not yet received payment due to lack of resources in the budget.

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Image: rafastockbr / Shutterstock.com

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