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Caio Castro countered the controversy involving his name.

Caio Castro countered the controversy involving his name. Photo: Instagram/@caiocastro

Caio Castro is involved in a controversy on social networks, after having exposed his opinion about paying the bill on a date: “It bothers me a lot this feeling of having to support, having to pay”, he declared in an interview with the podcast Your brother, on Youtube. The fact is having negative repercussions and even famous ones like Jojo Todynho and Mariana Rios refuted the actor’s position, who decided to speak out this Thursday, 28.

In the Instagram Story, Caio Castro commented on the matter, reinforcing his opinion and claiming that some people have misrepresented his speech. “Failing to understand that a speech demonstrates the presence of an error; understanding it, but misrepresenting it, demonstrates the absence of honesty. Paying dinner is not supporting a person; but to say that I said such a thing is to support a lie”, he began.

Afterwards, the actor repeated what he said and highlighted: “In my speech, I focused on the imposition of payment; anyone who invents something else is because they did not focus on sincerity. Paying for dinner, lunch, snack, by will, is perfectly healthy; unhealthy is, in fact, to feed the lie”.

He also asked them to re-examine what he said and, “those who spread lies on purpose”, asked to “examine their conscience”. To complement his position, he shared a video on the subject, from the Flávia Ramos channel on YouTube; check out:

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