After Paulo André’s response, Maíra Cardi speaks again and says that he never talked to Arthur: “You have to have guts”


Businesswoman countered statement where ex-BBB claims to have invited Arthur to his birthday and talked to him on WhatsApp

After Paulo André's response, Maíra Cardi hits the athlete once again and shows print of conversations
© Reproduction: Instagram/Maira CardiAfter Paulo André’s response, Maíra Cardi hits the athlete once again and shows print of conversations

after the influencer Paulo Andre go public to rebut the declaration of Maira Cardi and reaffirm that you called Arthur Aguiar for his birthday party, the wife of the BBB champion used her stories on Instagram to hit the athlete once again.

Maíra stated that, since the end of the BBB, PA would not have contacted Arthur and didn’t even look him in the face. The coach also said that this was questioned by her husband: “I can’t stand Arthur anymore every day, he really asks: ‘Why doesn’t he talk to me?’. Because Arthur likes you, PA Even though you ignore him, he likes you“, shot.

Regarding the controversy over the invitation, Cardi said that Aguiar sent a message to Paulo, but the two never actually had a conversation and that PA said he would talk to his friend and did not: “Arthur sent a message, saying a lot of things to PA, who likes him. The PA made some excuses and said he was going to call Arthur on WhatsApp. Obviously he never called, it never happened. Arthur never had his number. The PA treats Arthur like anyone else, he didn’t even give Arthur his number, nor did he ever look for”, revealed.

The influencer continued to rebut Paulo André’s lines, implying that he only spoke after she went public: “And then today, coincidentally, he decided to make sure if Arthur had received the invitation he sent, which Arthur did not receive. As he said himself, he hadn’t noticed that it wasn’t. But it was a coincidence, it was today at almost 6 pm, two hours after I made my post saying that Arthur didn’t receive anything. That is, how many months have passed and he hasn’t contacted Arthur?”.

Finally, the also ex-BBB was direct when sending a message to her husband’s ex-friend: “You can not like whoever you want, you can do anything. But that’s how it is, you have to have the guts to come here, just like me, and slap your face. Say what you really think and don’t make a scene”.

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