Anitta launches perfume for intimate region; know the risks of using cosmetics on the vulva | Health

The singer Anitta announced this Thursday (28) that she will launch an intimate perfume. According to her, the “Puzzy” colony is her opportunity to “take advantage of the profit” on top of the controversy of her anus tattoo.

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Although the trade in soaps and other types of cosmetics is common, experts warn that every vagina has a characteristic odor and that’s okay. The odor has nothing to do with lack of hygiene, it is absolutely normal.

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Gynecologists are categorical in stating that the best combination to take care of the area is mild soap and water.

“The vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism, so there is no need to wash the inside. You can use a neutral soap and water on the outside, on the vulva”, guides gynecologist and obstetrician Mariana Lemos Osiro, in an interview given to g1 about vulva care and intimate soaps.

Gynecologists recommend care even with the choice of intimate soaps, which can deregulate the pH of the vagina — Photo: Pexels

Flavia Fairbanks, master and doctor in gynecology from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (USP), points out that “anything far from that can change the constitution of the defense mechanism. risks of other infections, bacteria and fungi”.

Furthermore, part of the idea that the vagina is a dirty organ and needs constant interventions to keep itself odorless is part of a social construction.

“Culturally, there is the idea that the female intimate region is dirty. Therefore, women end up washing a lot, changing the vaginal pH. The vaginal flora is very sensitive, it can always change. Women need to be careful with excessive cleaning, the use of antibiotics and also with excessive sex”, explains Carolina Ambrogini, gynecologist and sexologist at Unifesp, in an interview with g1 about the myths about the characteristic odor of the vagina.

Vulvar anatomy with Skeene’s glands — Photo: Arte g1

Even the use of intimate soaps can change the vaginal pH, which is one of the natural defense mechanisms of a woman’s intimate region. The balance of these microorganisms keeps the vaginal pH slightly acidic.

For this reason, the vagina has a natural odor that is healthy. But if the smell is very strong, similar to the smell of bleach or even fish, it’s time to seek help. Masking the odor with products is not a safe option and will not address the cause of the problem.

The fact that the vagina has this acidic pH is the main means of protection against infections, as it inhibits the growth of pathological microorganisms, such as bacteria”, explains Oshiro.

The gynecologist emphasizes that if the woman feels an excessively strong smell, or has other symptoms such as itching, greenish secretion, excessive bleeding, she should look for a doctor for clinical examination and identification of a possible infection.

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