App guarantees automatic withdrawal of BRL 59.65: Is the platform reliable?

First, do you know the Cash’em All app? The platform, it seems, is quite famous among the Brazilian public. However, youtubers continue to promote it as a “big news”. In the videos, influencers do everything to convince followers to try their luck on the app. They claim, for example, that the app brings automatic withdrawal in 2022, and that users can earn more than BRL 50 instantly.

However, the public wants to know: does the platform really pay? After all, countless micro-task apps fail to deliver on their payment promises. On the contrary, they hide virtual scams and pyramid schemes. With that in mind, check out our review of Cash’em All below. We explain how to download the app, how to earn money on the platform, your trust level and the opinion of subscribers about the alleged payments. Read with attention!

Cash’em All – Discover the app with instant withdrawal

The Cash’em All app, first of all, is only available on the Play Store. Therefore, the app only works on phones with the Android operating system. Despite what Brazilian youtubers claim, Cash’em All is not a “new thing”. Currently, about 10 million people have already downloaded the app. In other words, he is extremely popular. The platform is available in Portuguese. However, the translation was carried out in the Portuguese version of the language – which can make it difficult for Brazilian users to access it.

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How to make money on Cash’em All

Classic Cash’em All works identically to numerous micro-task platforms and income generating apps. To make money with the app, primarily, there is no secret. Users must, first of all, fulfill the activities of the app. From there, just accumulate points, reach the minimum withdrawal amount, and eventually request payments.

Cash’em All tasks involve, for example, playing games, answering surveys and checking in daily. The “immediate withdrawal of more than R$50”, on the other hand, is not real. The official page of the platform does not mention any type of payment in the registration. Also, Cash’em All does not pay via Pix. The platform is international. Therefore, transfers take place on PayPal. The minimum withdrawal amount, according to the platform’s screenshots, is 10 dollars.

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Is Cash’em All Trustworthy? App has immediate withdrawal?

As we mentioned earlier, Cash’em All does not have an immediate withdrawal. Still, does the app really pay? On the Play Store, Cash’em All secured a grade of 4.4 (out of 5), considered average. In the comments, user opinions are divided. Some subscribers claim that the app actually pays, and that it’s relatively easy to profit from the platform. Others say the app is a waste of time as it fails to account for coins and direct payments.. In any case, we found no reliable evidence of withdrawals or transfers. Finally, see below for some comments and draw your own conclusions.

“The application has a massive objective, it’s not complicated to understand, it basically has everything to work out. However, the amount of points distributed is negligible, difficult to accumulate enough points for larger withdrawals.” – Anna.

“The app is good. It really gives money, it falls into the account right and I can transfer easily. But I noticed that the coin count is not being correct. I play for several hours and almost never move.” – Gislene.

“My account stopped counting the coins, I spend hours playing the games that are inside the app.” – Leonardo Marcio.

If you still want to download the app and try your luck on the platform, the download is available at That way, you don’t have to use the registration link that youtubers share.

Finally, DOES NOT guarantee payments or possible problems with websites, apps or games. Always research before downloading or accessing any platform on your mobile.

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