Belo and Gracyanne Barbosa speak for the 1st time after alleged eviction order and deny debt: “Part of the deal”


Belo and Gracyanne Barbosa would have received an eviction order, but both denied the information through legal advice

Gracyanne Barbosa and Belo received an eviction order this week
© Reproduction / Instagram @graoficialGracyanne Barbosa and Belo received an eviction order this week

Belo and Gracyanne Barbosa were at the center of a controversy this Thursday (28): it was reported that they would have received an eviction order from the house where they currently live. The information was published by columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the portal “EmOff”, and at the end of the night, the couple spoke through their legal advisors denying the situation.

Their lawyer, Marcelo Passos, sent a note to the columnist and strongly denied that the couple suffered the eviction order due to property debts, which exist, but belong to the singer’s former manager. “This former entrepreneur handed over the property as a courtesy to Belo, at the time of the events, as a counterpart to the agency relationship between the two,” he began.

Then, he explained that these situations were not in the control of Belo and Gracyanne Barbosa. “But it was up to the contract holder be responsible for the expenses, not Belo. This division of responsibilities was even part of the existing professional agreement between the two”, he concluded.

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According to journalist Fábia Oliveira, the couple would have received an eviction order and they will have to vacate the mansion where they live in Rio de Janeiro. It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that celebrities have suffered from an eviction order. Also according to the information from the columnist of “EmOff”, Belo and Gracyanne, who live in a luxurious residence, would have several accounts overdue, which resulted in a huge debt. Between rents, IPTU’s and consumer accounts in arrears, the supposed amount owed by the couple would be R$ 221,159.86.

As if the situation were not bad enough, in addition to this huge amount, more values ​​will be applied, including a fine of R$ 46,139.85 and compensation for material damage estimated at R$ 39,667.09. With these new values, the debt would be R$ 306,966.80. In addition to this situation, the singer is fighting in court with Denilson, former soccer player, who would be charging a millionaire value. Recently there were also rumors that the singer may face a new lawsuit worth R$ 5 million, but the artist denied it.

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