Bolsonaro publishes his own “manifesto” for democracy on Twitter

President mocks letter signed by businessmen, bankers and civil society organizations

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) published a “manifesto letter in favor of democracy” on his Twitter profile. The post, in a few characters, was published this Thursday (28.Jul.2022), 1 day after the Chief Executive said that he does not need “little letter” to demonstrate its defense of the democratic regime and its compliance with constitutional rules, during the PP (Progressive Party) convention in the Chamber of Deputies.

Bankers and businessmen signed a manifesto in defense of democracy organized by the USP Law School (University of São Paulo) and with the support of civil society entities, which was published on Tuesday (26.Jul). There are already more than 100,000 signatories. The letter in defense of democracy does not mention Bolsonaro, but it is one of the strongest documents against the current president already prepared and endorsed by the Brazilian establishment.

The document has the signatures of bankers, businessmen, artists, lawyers, members of the judiciary and the Public Ministry are among the signatories.

The text criticizes what it considers “unfounded attacks and unaccompanied evidence” who question “O Democratic state” and the smoothness of the electoral process.

We have recently witnessed authoritarian rants that have jeopardized secular American democracy. There, the attempts to destabilize democracy and the people’s confidence in the fairness of the elections were not successful, here they will not be successful either.”, says the document, which does not directly quote Bolsonaro.

The letter will be read by former STF (Federal Supreme Court) minister Celso de Mello at an event held on August 11, in the Pátio das Arcadas do Largo de São Francisco.

On the other hand, the Minister of Defense, Paulo Sérgio Nogueira de Oliveira, and 20 other counterparts signed “Brasilia Declaration” this Thursday (28.Jul).

The letter talks about democratic values ​​and principles and declares a commitment to the promotion of peace, concern with migratory flows, with the preservation of the environment, with the discussion of the area of ​​cyber defense and cyberspace, with the containment of the pandemic, with the recognition of the role of women in defense and security, among other matters.

A few minutes after publishing his own “manifest“, Bolsonaro made another post with hypothetical situations that could classify a person as a democrat.

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