Bolsonaro says that Fiesp’s pro-democracy manifesto is clearly against him – 07/28/2022 – Mercado

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said this Thursday (28) that the manifesto for democracy being endorsed by Fiesp (Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo) is a political note made in an election year and that the text is clearly against him. .

“There’s a note from some businessmen, some bankers, some pro-democracy artists. Look, who is against democracy in Brazil? In three and a half years [houve] any act of mine contrary to democracy?”, he asked in a weekly live.

Bolsonaro raises the question without mentioning that he has already made several speeches in a tone of threat to the STF (Federal Supreme Court), as on September 7, 2021, and attacks on the Brazilian electoral system.

“We are for transparency, for legality, we respect the Constitution. There are people who get irritated when I say that we are within the four lines,” he said. “What are you afraid of, if I’ve been in government for three and a half years? There’s never been a word from me, an action, a gesture,” he said.

He stated that he did not understand the note, which would have been sponsored by the son of former Lula (PT) vice president, José de Alencar. “A political note in an election year,” he said. Several businessmen, bankers and members of civil society signed the letter.

“An electoral political note that was unfortunately born at Fiesp in São Paulo. If I didn’t have the political bias in this note, I would sign it. No problem at all. But it returned to the side of defense of another power. I think the balance between the powers has exist and we know where the imbalance is here in Brazil”, he said. “Clearly it’s against me, which is in favor of the thief, I’m not going to say who that thief is,” he said.

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