Brusque coach reveals tactics to try to beat Cruzeiro; check out

photo: Brusque – Publicity // Marco Ferraz – Cruzeiro

Brusque coach Luan Carlos (left) and Cruzeiro coach Paulo Pezzolano (right), who will face each other this Saturday (30), for Serie A

Brusque coach Luan Carlos revealed the methods he will use this Saturday (30th), at 11 am, to try to beat Cruzeiro, the isolated leader of Serie B in the Brazilian Championship. In an interview for the Throw!, the commander stated that he opted for a more physical than technical style of play. The match will be held at the Augusto Bauer stadium, in Brusque-SC, and is valid for the 21st round.

“I think talking about a specific point that we can take advantage of to win the game is difficult. We know that Cruzeiro is a Serie A team and doesn’t feel so comfortable in a competition like Serie B. Perhaps, playing a typical Serie B game, with an increasingly aggressive level on the field, to make it as difficult as possible for the opponent’s way of playing”, stated Luan Carlos.

This more “aggressive” measure is largely due to the style of play imposed by Cruzeiro in this Serie B. The team coached by Paulo Pezzolano likes to be dominant in their games and keep possession of the ball. mark.

In a rapid way, among all the teams in the competition, the Fox has the highest average possession of the ball in its games (57%). However, the intense tactics, both offensively and defensively, could be influenced a lot due to the time when the confrontation will be played, at 11 am – time when the athletes suffer from the heat.

“Cruise, in addition to being the Serie B leader, is the team that most showed an evolution in terms of game standards and in relation to balance in such a competitive championship. They have been showing a disparity in terms of game quality, in terms of tactical system, in short, a team that fit in very well. They are not only favorites for access, but also for the title”, added Luan Carlos.

Currently, Cruzeiro is the leader of Serie B in isolation, with 45 points. The first team outside the access zone, Londrina, in fifth, has a difference of 29 – 16 points from Raposa. Brusque is in 12th position, with 23 added.

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