Ceni says that São Paulo’s 1st round went down and demands reaction: “We have to wake up” | Sao Paulo

In tenth place after the first round, with 26 points in 19 games, Tricolor comes from a sequence of four draws in the competition. With the decision in the Copa do Brasil in just three weeks, on August 18, coach Rogério Ceni asked attention to the running points.

– I said at the end of the game that we have to remember that the Brazilian is treacherous and the Copa do Brasil will only be defined in three weeks. (…) But in the Brazilian you can’t accommodate. We have to charge ourselves by result on Sunday, we need to score points. We can’t sleep thinking we won today and that’s okay.

– We have to wake up for the Brazilian Championship, because 26 points in a round is very little. Less than 30 points is very difficult to dream of a place in Libertadores – warned Ceni.

Rogério Ceni in São Paulo vs América-MG — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

São Paulo practically stopped in the table after four straight draws in the final stretch of the first round, which made Ceni and his coaching staff review goals for the coming weeks.

If before the Copa do Brasil and Sudamericana would be priorities, both for the award and for the place in Libertadores for the champions, the Brazilian is again a concern.

There are 11 draws in 19 games in points scored. If you want to seek a spot in the Libertadores group stage via Brasileirão, getting up to fourth position, the advantage will need to be a champion.

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Check out Rogério Ceni's press conference after São Paulo's victory over América-MG in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil

Check out Rogério Ceni’s press conference after São Paulo’s victory over América-MG in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil

In the last five years, the average score of the fourth place was 63 points – only last year the fourth place finished with less than 60 points, Fortaleza, which scored 58. In this period, the highest score was that of São Paulo ( 2020) and Grêmio (2018), 66 points.

To reach 63 points, São Paulo will have to score 37 in the remaining 19 rounds – Palmeiras currently leads the Brazilian with 39 points.

São Paulo returns to the field next Sunday, at 4 pm, to face Athletico-PR, away from home, for the opening of the return.

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