Check out everything that happened at the Brazilian pop awards

MTV Miaw 2022 was recorded last Tuesday (26) and aired today, by MTV and Pluto TV and had everything: kiss, performances, demonstrations and emotion.

The award for the best names in Brazilian pop and internet had a little bit of everything and splash separated the main moments of the event:

Big kiss between Gkay and Bianca Andrade

Probably the most talked about subject of Miaw, the kiss exchanged between influencers Gkay and Bianca Andrade, Boca Rosa, went viral on the networks.

After hearing Gkay call her “Queen of Farofa” for her fame as a catcher, Boca Rosa questioned whether the influencer did not want to kiss in public and kissed her in front of guests and the audience of MTV Miaw 2022.

“You don’t want to kiss in public, is that it?”, asked Bianca Andrade. “Who said I don’t kiss anyone in public, Bianca?”, replied Gkay.

“Huh? So kiss me”, asked Boca Rosa, and she didn’t even wait for the influencer to react to take her top hat off her head and kiss her on stage.

In the sequence, Shaman, presenter of the attraction, joked about what happened.

“We didn’t say that there would be all kinds of frills on this stage. Kiss I didn’t know which or how, but I was sure”, Camila began.

“The only thing that really upset me was that they didn’t even call me,” joked Shaman.

Laughing, Camila suggested “candidate” her partner to the audience.

political demonstrations

Although light, political manifestations were present in the attraction.

Taking the stage to present a football award, Walter Casagrande Jr declared: “Without demarcation of lands, there is no game”.

Marina Gregory, beside him, added: “With prejudice, there is no democracy”.

Antonio Tabet, after a speech thanking the award dedicated to the 10th anniversary of “Porta dos Fundos”, also expressed himself politically, asking for a “right vote” at the end of the year.

The Shaman presenter also touched on the subject briefly, asking people to remember to vote. “Don’t forget to vote, always vote consciously,” he declared.


There was no lack of emotion on the stage of MTV Meow 2022.

Elected musical artist, Ludmilla was thrilled to be called on stage to receive an award in honor of her 10-year career and her black representation.

The award was delivered by Tati Quebra Barraco, who said she was happy to deliver the award to Lud.

“I didn’t expect this, I imagined anything but this. I didn’t imagine that in life I would be recognized for my effort, my talent. I wanted to thank MTV, my team, my fans. You are part of this here, this is ours and only motivates me more so I can keep dedicating myself and doing f*cking things for you”, declared Lud, emotional.

Elza Soares

A tribute to Elza Soares, who died in January, was also one of the highlights of MTV Miaw 2022.

The tribute to the singer was presented by Camila Pitanga, who took the stage and paid tribute to the singer, considered “the Brazilian voice of the millennium”.

“Elza Soares. A black woman who broke standards and became queen through her subversive art and the strength of her voice. A black woman who speaks when she sings”, Camila began.

“She is a dream, she is the hope of the enslaved. She who came from the hungry planet, from the end of the world. I will not succumb. She did not succumb, bringing the gifts that the ancestors gave us”, he continued.

“She spoke, sang, screamed for the world to hear with a black ocean, leaving behind nights of terror and fear. Elza Soares left us. She left us fed up. She left us free. She left us alive”, declared Camila, drawing applause from the audience.

“To speak is to resist. To speak is to exist”, concluded the actress.

Any Gabrielly, Renegado, Larissa Luz and Caio Prado joined Camila to honor the singer in a performance.

Camila Queiroz ‘on the drums’

Actress Camila Queiroz commanded the attraction alongside Xamã. Very comfortable, at the end of the transmission Camila even risked a few touches on the drums.

Camila played the instrument and joked next to the other presenter.

musical performances

MTV Meow 2022 also brought some musical performances, with two having gained more prominence.

Skank and Jão made a feat in the middle of the transmission with songs from both, such as “Idiota” and “Ainda Gosto Dela’.

In the end, after Luisa Sonza took the stage to sing her new hit, “Cachorrinhas”, Ludmilla joined the singer and the two closed the MTV Miaw 2022.

Check out the list of MTV Meow 2022 winners here.

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