Chevrolet Colorado 2023 anticipates new generation of national S10

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 blue truck front will give rise to the new S10 in Brazil

Truck shows muscular design, inspired by Silverado
Photo: Chevrolet/Disclosure

Chevrolet has just unveiled in the United States the new generation of the Colorado pickup truck, which is a kind of sister to the S10. The two share the platform, part of the bodywork and even interior trim parts; however, they were distinguished by their identity and design. The arrival of a new crop abroad indicates that the national model will also undergo an update.

There is still no date set for the arrival of the new Chevrolet S10 in Brazil. For now, the manufacturer works on the next generation of Montana, which will be based on the Tracker and will have the size of the Fiat Toro. However, the launch could take place in the second half of 2023 or in 2024.

That’s because the competition is moving and will launch news soon: Peugeot will bring the unprecedented Landtrek pickup, while Toyota prepares the sporty version GR-S of the Hilux, and Ford works on the new Ranger. Therefore, Chevrolet will have to move so that the S10 does not fall behind. The company has already announced investments in the factory in São José dos Campos (SP), where the truck is produced.

Despite the scarcity of official information so far, the trend is that the new S10 has even more in common with the Colorado than the current model. That’s because the national pickup was based on a similar one sold in Asia, but the manufacturer wiped out operations on that continent. Therefore, the next generation must be practically identical to the American sister.

How is the new Chevrolet Colorado, ‘sister’ of the S10

Completely redesigned, the Chevrolet Colorado is updated right down to the platform. Now, the truck uses the GTM31XX-2 architecture, which allowed a 7.8cm increase in wheelbase. Despite this, the total length gained only 1cm, which allowed for an increase in the angles of attack and departure. The bodywork always has a double cabin.

The design became more aggressive, reminiscent of the Silverado, which occupies a higher level in Chevrolet’s local range. The interior of the new Colorado has also evolved a lot, with new equipment, such as an induction cell phone charger, two-zone air conditioning and instruments gathered in an eight-inch screen: the multimedia center has an even larger screen, measuring 11.3 inches.

The new Chevrolet Colorado also displays major updates to the safety equipment list. Now, the pickup features involuntary lane change and blind spot alerts, automatic braking system and LED headlights with high beam assistant. There is also a cross-traffic alert in the rear and no less than 10 cameras to assist the driver (including under the vehicle).

In the mechanical part, the pickup features a new 2.7 turbo four-cylinder engine, with different configurations: the “tame” one delivers 240hp and 35.8kgfm, while the “brave” goes to 314hp and 59.4kgfm. Chevrolet, however, should not offer this engine in the new national S10, which will probably keep the 2.8 turbodiesel.

We drove the Chevrolet S10 Z71, the last new one that the truck won in Brazil: watch the video!

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