Children infected by monkeypox in the city of SP are between 4 and 6 years old, says City Hall | Sao Paulo

According to the municipal secretary of Health, Luiz Carlos Zamarco, the minors had blisters on the skin (vesicles), dilated lymph nodes and fever. All are in their homes, being monitored.

According to the investigation already carried out by the secretariat, one of the girls had contact with a relative who had the disease. The other two cases are still under analysis to verify the origin of the infections.

“Last Saturday (23), the World Health Organization (WHO) decreed that the disease is a public health emergency of a global nature. With the new international reality, we seek to increase coordination between countries and strengthen active search mechanisms, with the aim of implementing measures that help contain the circulation of the virus”, says the statement released by the Municipal Health Department this Thursday. (28).

Also according to the note, “since the first WHO alerts for the disease, SMS instituted protocols for the entire public and private network for the care of suspected cases. The agency has the entire service, diagnosis and monitoring operation in full operation”.

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Care for suspected cases of the disease is available throughout the municipal health network, such as Basic Health Units (UBSs), emergency rooms and emergency services. “The network has been trained and has supplies for collecting samples of skin lesions (secretion or parts of the dry wound) for laboratory analysis”, says the folder.

The state of São Paulo is the one with the most cases of monkeypox in the whole country: there are 744, according to the State Health Department released on Tuesday (26). With 978 positive diagnoses, Brazil is the sixth country in the world with the most cases.

Most cases of monkeypox in Brazil are in São Paulo

Most cases of monkeypox in Brazil are in São Paulo

One of the medical explanations for why the disease has spread so quickly is that, in many cases, the symptoms have been mild. Some people, for example, have few skin lesions and do not isolate themselves, as is recommended.

The technical leader of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the control of the disease, Rosamund Lewis, said that the Brazilian situation is very worrying and that it is important that the authorities become aware of the public health emergency of international interest and take the appropriate measures. .

One of the main actions to combat it is to obtain the vaccine that guarantees 80% protection against the virus, which is being manufactured in Denmark. The state government has already informed that it intends to buy doses or even produce them at the Butantan Institute.

Monkeypox is similar to smallpox that has since been eradicated, but less severe and less infectious — Photo: Science Photo Library

At this time, the WHO does not recommend mass vaccination, but the application of doses to people who have been exposed to the virus or to groups that are at greater risk, such as health professionals.

At Hospital Emilio Ribas – a reference for the diagnosis and treatment of monkeypox in the capital, 30 to 40 people have sought care a day to take the test and find out if they have the disease.

Infectologist Mario Gonzalez warns, however, that contamination can happen even before any symptoms appear.

“Some people can already transmit a little before they show symptoms, 4 to 8 hours before symptoms, skin lesions, they can already be transmitting. What we are looking at is that there is a spectrum of symptoms and injuries. It can range from a single skin lesion to thousands of skin lesions. There are people who have something very light and because of that they don’t even cancel the appointments they have, go to parties, bars, have intimate meetings, maintain relationships with other people and can continue broadcasting.”

When the lesions appear, they look like pimples or blisters and can be accompanied by bumps – which are swollen glands – fever, body pain.

And despite the name, the disease is not transmitted by the monkeyaccording to Rafael Rossato, an environmental analyst at the National Center for Research and Conservation of Brazilian Primates/Icbio.

“It only has that name because the virus was discovered for the first time in a monkey in a laboratory, and the monkey is just another animal affected by the disease. The transmission has occurred from person to person, the monkeys have only been famous in their name. It is a problem for the monkeys because there, due to lack of information, ignorance, these animals are often attacked, expelled or even killed. This happened a lot with yellow fever too.”

The disease can be transmitted by sharing contaminated objects such as cups, towels, bedding. But until now, according to experts, the main form of contagion has been through prolonged physical contact with someone infected.

“An important prevention would be to avoid intimate contact or sexual relations with unknown people, with multiple partners. The other important thing is that those who have injuries must isolate themselves, go to the doctor and, if positive, maintain isolation for the necessary time, which is until the injuries heal”, says Gonzalez.

The Ministry of Health reported that diagnostic tests are available and that it is articulating with the World Health Organization the negotiations for the acquisition of vaccines.

The folder stressed that the WHO recommendation for vaccination, so far, is only for those who had contact with suspected cases and health professionals at high risk of contracting the disease.

The State Department of Health said that it is developing actions with the municipalities for guidance and control of the disease. The Municipal Health Department said that the entire network of the capital is available and capable of dealing with suspected cases.

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