Corinthians reaches a surplus of R$ 2 million in the first half and aims to raise funds

O Corinthians closed the first half of 2002 with a surplus of R$ 2 million in its finances.

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Although the value is not expressive, it is celebrated behind the scenes of the alvinegro club, as it means the third consecutive semester with the accounts in the blue – the period corresponds to the time that the current management has been in charge of the institution.

The information has not yet been made official by Timão, but the balance sheet is being analyzed by the Corinthians Fiscal Council. The expectation is that in the next few days he will be presented to the Guidance Council (Cori).

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The idea of ​​the people who manage Corinthians is to end the year with a surplus of R$ 10 million.

As the main sources of revenue, such as television rights and championship awards, are concentrated in the second half of the year, the possibility that the alvinegro club will reach this goal is great.

The fact that Timão profited around R$ 100 million from the sale of athletes in the first half of the year is fundamental for the team’s financial projection.

The idea was for the Parque São Jorge team to profit R$ 91 million in the 12 months of 2022, but with the sales of Éderson, Gabriel Pereira and, more recently, João Victor, to Salernintana-ITA, New York City-USA and Benfica-POR, respectively, the club managed to reach the mark in half the allotted time.

With this, there is a chance for the board to ‘stretch the rope a little more’ in this sense and raise a greater amount with sales in the second semester.

This possibility involves a possible negotiation of the defender Robert Renan, 18, who attracts interest in English football.

I live in the knockout competitions that it disputes – Copa do Brasil and Libertadores – and current vice-leader of the Brazilian Championship, Corinthians also expects a record collection, which is around R$ 600 and R$ 700 million.

The information about the projection was initially published by the portal ‘Meu Timão’ and confirmed by THROW!.

If this is confirmed, this year will be the best in Corinthian history in terms of financial inflows. The record is from last season, when the collection was R$ 502.6 million.


According to information obtained by the THROW!little has changed in relation to Corinthians’ global indebtedness, which still hovers around R$900 million and R$1 billion.

Last year, there was an approximate reduction of 4%, with a drop from R$ 949 to 912 million. However, the basic interest rate, of 13.25%, and the expenditure of R$ 80 million in financial expenses can cause the total value of Corinthian debt to stagnate.


After the balance sheet is analyzed by the Audit Committee and presented to Cori, Corinthians intends to publish it on the club’s official website in the public domain.

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