Davi will be unmasked by delegate during Isadora’s birthday dinner


Davi (Rafael Vitti) will have a big surprise in the next chapters of “Beyond Illusion”, which is in the final stretch

Davi (Rafael Vitti) will be unmasked in the next chapters of the soap opera
© Globe/Fábio RochaDavi (Rafael Vitti) will be unmasked in the next chapters of the soap opera

In the next chapters of “Beyond the Illusion“, from Globo, strong emotions will mark the romance between Davi (Rafael Vitti) and Isadora (Larissa Manoela): the magician will be unmasked right in the middle of his beloved’s birthday party.

The information was disclosed by Patrícia Kogut’s column this Thursday (28), in the newspaper “O Globo”. According to the journalist, the scene will take place at Isadora’s birthday party, with delegate Salvador (Jorge Lucas) revealing the magician’s true identity in front of everyone after a complaint made by the villain Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita).

All present will be shocked by the revelation, but the news will be especially shocking for Violeta (Malu Galli), who didn’t know Davi’s true story. The scenes should be aired soon in the soap opera, which is in its final stretch and is already directing the resolution for some of its main characters.

Violeta will confront Matias

Also in the next chapters, Violeta will find out about the atrocities of Matias (Antonio Calloni) and will confront her husband. Isadora’s mother (Larissa Manoela) will discover that the ex-judge seduced and got her sister Heloísa (Paloma Duarte) pregnant a few years ago. After revealing the truth about Olivia’s (Débora Osório) paternity, Heloísa tells Violeta the whole truth.

“Matias would tell me about the books he read, the cases he judged, the places he had visited. I hadn’t seen my brother-in-law in years and I was completely enchanted. Yes, Violet, I fell in love. That handsome, older, powerful man seduced me with false promises and I gave myself to him“, he tells everything, in tears.

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