Diesel price should remain high if there is no global recession, says Petrobras | Economy

The scenario for diesel in the second half is of high prices, unless a global recession is consolidated, evaluated this Friday (29) Petrobras directors, who said that the company will deal with scheduled stoppages, with a possible impact on production. .

Firm prices for diesel, the most consumed fuel in Brazil, are expected with the approach of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, which tends to increase demand for the product, and in the face of fears about the hurricane season in the United States, said the director of Trading. and Petrobras Logistics, Cláudio Mastella, at a conference with investors to comment on the second quarter results.

In addition, the scheduled stoppages at the company’s own refineries, which are necessary for operational safety, represent a point of attention.

On the other hand, Brazil normally registers a higher demand for diesel between August and October, with the flow of crops to the ports, in addition to preparations for planting the new grain season. In this context, he said that the company has been preparing to keep supplying its customers.

“We anticipate the purchase of diesel to guarantee the service”, said Mastella.

The Director of Refining and Natural Gas, Rodrigo Costa Lima e Silva, said that the company is committed to keeping the level of refining relatively high, and that the utilization factor of the refineries should be around 86% in the second half, considering all the park, which will undergo scheduled stops at some units.

Considering the units in operation, the utilization rate would rise to 94% to 95%.

The company has scheduled a 35-day stoppage at the diesel hydrotreatment unit at the Gabriel Passos Refinery (Regap), in the state of Minas Gerais, starting in August. The refinery was the fifth-largest diesel producer in the country in 2021, according to regulator ANP.

LNG imports to fall

According to Silva, a factor that should continue to positively affect this year’s balance sheet is the lower import of LNG (liquefied natural gas) for thermoelectric generation, which reduces costs for the company.

“We had an improvement in the hydrological scenario and this, obviously, reflects an improvement in our LNG supply portfolio. We should end the year with 30 LNG loads and last year there were 112. It is a considerable reduction”, he said. the director, remembering the severe drought of 2021.

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