Fluminense beats Fortaleza at Castelão and opens up advantage in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil

After the draw for the quarter-finals of the Copa do Brasil, Fernando Diniz always made it clear that “the placement of Fortaleza in the Brazilian did not match the performances”. At Castelão, that was clear. The below of the criticism of the first half is similar to that of the running points. The second, intense, is worthy of the knockout. Fluminense, awarded for the regularity of being the same in both competitions, managed to bring a good advantage to Rio de Janeiro after winning 1-0.

With the result, Fluminense can even draw in the return game, on the 17th, at Maracanã, which will advance to the semifinals. There is no away goal rule in the Copa do Brasil.

In this two-time game, Fluminense was dominant in the first half — they reached 80% of possession of the ball and the only reason it wasn’t better was due to the poor state of Castelão’s lawn. But the current stage is so good that it seems that even in a pool, the plays flow. Thus, Nonato scored twice, but only once was validated by VAR.

In the first throw, Samuel Xavier’s sprint, Goose’s heel and goal from the steering wheel. Dismissed due to a foul by Germán Cano at the start of the move. In the following, another exchange of passes with two heels, by Arias and Cano, for the midfielder to swing the nets.

But in the second half, especially after Moses came on, Fortaleza pressed. Even more with a Fluminense who got tired. He sent two balls on the post, with Robson and Lucas Crispim, and was close to equalizing in several moments. Fábio saved and Silvio Romero still had a goal disallowed for offside.

The struggle serves as a lesson for Fluminense, who need to decide their games when it’s best. It also gives the science that the classification is not defined. Even so, opening an advantage away from home is excellent in the playoffs.

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