Former BBB Natália says the agency tried to hack her networks after dissolution

Former participant of “BBB 22” (TV Globo), model Natália Deodato, 22 years old, manifested herself on social networks, this afternoon, to vent about the problems with the teams assembled to take care of her image since entry into the reality show. In tears, she recounted attempted scams on her mother and regretted having lost her cell phone number after terminating her contract with the former agency responsible for her career.

“My loves, you followed my entire trajectory at BBB and today I am here to expose a situation that until then I was not exposing anything and was behind the scenes because I was trying to organize in the best way. You know how my team was initially here on Instagram. You’ve seen the lack of organization and everything that’s happened since the moment I joined the show,” she began.

The former BBB reported that she has had a hard time dealing with life after fame and regretted that the company that took care of her professional contracts canceled her phone line and tried to hack her social media profiles.

“Just to say, you guys, I had no idea about this world, I didn’t know how it worked, I’m discovering it now and I’ll tell you that it’s not easy. I was now terminating my contract with the current agency I was participating in to improve everything, mainly, my networks that you know the little case that my networks were treated during participation in the program. Today, they hacked my number, they just blocked it because my number was the number given by the agency because I left the BBB with nothing and they gave me a chip with the current plan and that was what was on my WhatsApp. So, all my contractors, the people who were negotiating, the people who call me on WhatsApp, the people who talk to me, I ask , please do not continue with the conversations that were on my personal WhatsApp because I no longer have this number”, he highlighted.

The agency just hacked the number and it is no longer on my iphone. They canceled my line since 11am I’m out of line and now they just canceled my whatsapp. They only hacked it have two factor verification. So, you need the password, but I think they’ve already managed to open it and will try to contact the people I talk to and everything.
Natalia Deodato

Natália Deodato burst into tears remembering that she could have had a better future at “Big Brother Brasil 22” if her team had better used her videos in confinement and reported attempts to coup her mother.

I’m saying this, people, because I was very harmed during the entire time I participated in the BBB, mainly by the team. They were trying to stick a contract on my mother for R$ 700 thousand, there was a friend of mine who tried to harm me inside the BBB because the same guy who wanted to stick the contract on my mother was what I was going to pay for that friend. This friend was going to receive R$100,000 and my mother was fully trusting her. So, well, I was very harmed throughout the whole moment because there was a lot of content, a lot of things that, unfortunately, don’t pass to the couch audience. There were speeches, guidelines, many things that were not shown in the cuts that were only available on pay-per-view and that, unfortunately, many people cannot follow because they are working, they have their activities. My team, from the beginning of the program, never put a position on the networks.
Natalia Deodato

The model even took the opportunity to explain that she was not responsible for following President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on social media, but his team.

“I have prints of conversations of people who worked with me because as you know I’m Naty’s profession. I work, I get by since I was young, I did multilevel marketing, I have conversations with people who tried to help me and this guy who wanted to contract of R$ 700 thousand in my mother, I kept following Bolsonaro. It was a slam dunk, a hell of a shack. The blessed agency, glory to God, who was with me until this moment I did everything in secret because I didn’t want to expose anyone. I tried to be as political and diplomatic as possible because, really, I’m grateful for everything people do for me, but I think everything has its limits. People have the right to come and go whenever they want”, he declared.

In short, guys, don’t continue conversations with me on WhatsApp. I’ve already installed a new number here, I’ll put it for you, I’ll call the people I talk to. Guys, the only person I talk to and I’ve had with me since the beginning is my friend Guto, you know from Twitter. I don’t know how to use Twitter. I’m even here taking classes and I’m missing from social media because I’m looking to learn. There were also other people who were together trying to get the rogue who wanted to stick the R$ 700 thousand contract and then the agency came in that I was trying to terminate with her.
Natalia Deodato

In tears, she vented having faced some personal problems due to criticism for her behavior in confinement and regretted not having outlined a plan to live the famous life.

“I’m pissed. You’ll excuse the expression, but I’m very nervous, I was even shaking here because when I left the BBB the first thing they treated me was like garbage, saying that I was the biggest rejection of the BBB and you saw how true I was… When I left the BBB, I left emotionally upset. So much so that my spots increased, I had emotional disorders and several problems, but I’m getting organized, looking for qualified professionals in the market to be with me on this journey, why not it’s easy, it’s a nest of snakes, one wanting to swallow the other whole, it’s not a bed of roses.

Tried to hack my Instagram several times but it’s two-factor authenticated and everything is fine. I no longer have that number and I will make the new number available to you. Everything is fine and my lawyer is already positioning himself and taking the necessary measures. I’ve tried my best to keep it anonymous, but unfortunately, how right we are, takes the rab*. Forgive me, I know there are people who like me. I’m very sad, upset because it’s a one-level distraction.
Natalia Deodato

splash tried to contact the agency responsible for the career of Natália Deodato, but until the closing of this material there was no response. The space remains open for the positioning of the company.

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