Fortaleza presses, but is defeated by Fluminense in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil – Play

O Strength was defeated by Fluminense 1-0 in the first leg of the quarterfinals of Brazil’s Cup. The duel took place this Thursday (28), at Arena Castelão. Nonato scored the goal of the match. The return game will be on August 17, at Maracanã.


Fortaleza and Fluminense started the duel with a game held in the middle of the field. The Lion pressed the mark to try to make it difficult for the opponent to create. The Carioca team worked the ball calmly, but found resistance in Fortaleza’s defense. Galhardo had a chance at the front, but the referee called offside.

Fluminense pressured and started to create with more freedom. At 17′, Cano dominated and kicked. Boeck made the save, but the referee called offside. At 26′, Nonato scored, but VAR analyzed the play and ruled out the goal after seeing a foul by Cano on Robson. But in another great collective move, Fluminense opened the scoring, with Nonato in the 34th minute.

Behind the marker, Fortaleza pressed, but did not hit the last pass. The team from Rio, on the other hand, slowed down and paced the game more. Leão still tried a shot at the end of the 1st half with Thiago Galhardo, but goalkeeper Fábio came out well for the defense.

Fortaleza and Fluminense face each other at Arena Castelão.

Thiago Gadelha/SVM


At the return of the break, Leão pressed in the attack, but the defensive sector of Fluminense marked the exit of the ball well. At 6′, Robson received the ball from Benevenuto, turned and kicked hard, but hit the crossbar.

Already better in the game, Vojvoda’s team arrived with speed to seek a tie and forced the Flu retreat in defense. The Ceará team dominated the actions at the beginning of the second half.

Thus, the chances started to appear: Lucas Crispim kicked hard from outside the area, but the ball went out. In the other two, with Moisés and Romarinho, Fortaleza almost equalized, but in the first the ball went out and in the second, Fábio managed to ward off the danger.

In the final stretch of the game, Fluminense suffered to create and, without finding space, bet on quick counterattacks. Leão, on the other hand, advanced in the search for a tie and pressed hard.

Moisés tried to cross the ball from the left, but Manoel cut the shot almost over the line. And when Romero left everything the same, VAR ruled out the goal for offside. Even after the goal was disallowed, Tricolor fought until the end for the tie, which did not come.


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