Giant penis of 300 kg is erected in Mexican’s grave: ‘her wish’

A 99-year-old woman asked family members that when she died, a penis-shaped statue be placed over her grave in Mexico. The history of the monument, inaugurated last Saturday (23), gained popularity on social networks. The information is from Vice.

At first, the relatives of Catarina Orduña Pérez, known among residents of the small town of Misantla, thought she was joking, but shortly before she died, the woman made it clear that her wish was real.

“She told me that this was her wish, so that no one would forget her and so that everything we loved about her would be remembered more easily,” said Catarina Álvaro Mota Limón’s grandson in an interview with the US website.

The woman died in January 2021. From then on, family members gathered to make the request a reality.

They contacted Isidro Lavoingnet, an engineer known in the region for building plastic objects such as cisterns and children’s toys.

At first, he also thought the request was a joke. “This type of carving is not common, especially when it is done in memory of someone who has died,” he said. Before long, however, he accepted the mission.

After counting on the help of more than 10 people – among them, a sculptor and a carpenter – Isidro completed the work, measuring 1.6 meters and weighing almost 300 kilos in about a month. The most complicated part of the construction, according to Catarina’s family, was the testicles, which had to be redone from scratch after being “deformed” on a first attempt.

The inauguration of the monument was made in a festive atmosphere, with friends and relatives of Catarina around the tomb and even with the presence of a band.

According to Catarina’s grandson, the grandmother said that the request was intended to “break the paradigms of Mexicans, who sometimes leave things hidden because they do not have an open mind”.

After the inauguration of the work and the popularity of the images, many sought the services of the builder. Others, however, did not approve of the idea.

“Out of 10 people, I think seven see the statue positively. If they don’t see it positively, at least they respect her wish. There are others, however, who, with their conservative values, are closed-minded to the situation”, said Catarina’s grandson.

According to him, the family discussed the possibility of criticism of the statue, but decided to fulfill the elderly woman’s last wish in life anyway.

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