Gil do Vigor confesses to having arranged a meeting with ex-BBB outside Brazil; know who

Published on 7/28/2022 at 9:06 pm Reproduction / Instagram Bnews newsroom

About to return to California, with the aim of completing his studies, Gil do Vigor opened the game about an appointment with an ex-BBB. In a chat with Ana Maria Braga, the influencer revealed details about his friendship with the former participants of the program.

“It’s no use, I’m in love with ‘Big Brother’ and when you go through the show, it’s like we create a brotherhood relationship. So, we will be like this forever, even with some people having participated in other editions. […] There is one, who participated in this edition, who goes outside just to visit me”, he confessed.

Curious to know the boy’s name, the presenter did not hesitate to ask: “Huh, but is this already scheduled? You don’t want to give it first hand here, do you?”. Without mincing words, Gil said: “I do want to, because if he gave up going, now he’ll have to go anyway, because it’s all agreed. It’s Lucas Bissoli… We’re going to meet there to give a boost”.

The blonde even joked about a possible affair between them. “Oh, so Lucas said he’ll miss you so much… You don’t have a boyfriend, right?”, she asked. Observing the direction the conversation was taking, the economist soon reminded Ana Maria about Lucas’ relationship with Slovenia. “No! He is already dating,” she stated.

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