Glove de Pedreiro signs ‘biggest career contract’ and celebrates on social media; see – sports

The young influencer Iran Ferreira, popularly known as Luva de Pedreiro, celebrated on social media the signing of the biggest contract of his career. Tiktoker did not give details about the agreement, but said he was in São Paulo on Monday (25) to sign the commitment.

“Speak, my troop. The guy from Luva de Pedreiro is here in São Paulo. I came to make the contract of my life. Biggest contract of the guy from Luva de Pedreiro. Thank God, father. In the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Receive. Wait, see!”, he said.

This is the first contract signed by Luva de Pedreiro in partnership with Falcão, a futsal legend. The young man, previously managed by Allan Jesus, with whom he entered into litigation, has been with the former player since the end of June.

And, in addition to celebrating the signing of a new commercial contract, Iran Ferreira celebrated an impressive feat. The Bahian reached the mark of almost 5 million views in a story.

“Guys, I came to thank you for these almost 5 million views in stories. Every day my troop following… Receive! And magnificent, sensational news comes. Thank God, father. It’s the troop”, said the enthusiastic Luva de Mason.

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