‘Ilha should start after Pantanal, but Record threw in the towel’

The second season of “Ilha Record”, under the command of Mariana Rios, has recorded successive negative ratings.

In Greater São Paulo, the reality show reached a rating of 3.3 during the game of discord on Tuesday (26), behind the rerun of the soap opera “Amor sem Igual”, which reached 3.5 points.

The worst number recorded by the reality so far was 2.7 points, on July 23.

Chico Barney, columnist and presenter of “Central Splash”, opines that the low rating is a consequence of RecordTV’s bad programming.

The reality show is good, but it faces a problem that predates itself, which is RecordTV’s bizarre programming in prime time. The station has bad programming and this is reflected in the numbers.

For Chico Barney, the broadcaster should have a more strategic and competitive look. One way to improve the ratings would be to show the reality show after the end of the 9 pm soap opera on TV Globo.

‘Ilha Record’ is a victim of this bizarre programming by RecordTV in this historic moment in which we live. I think it’s a shame, in addition to the lack of flexibility to finish ‘Pantanal’ and not put ‘Ilha’ on the air (…) It seems that Record threw in the towel and is waiting for the witnesses of the realities and not the viewers.

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