“In terms of chances…”; Rivaldo melts for Pedro + Gabi and pins who has the most chances of going to the World Cup


Former number 10 of the Brazilian team gave an interview to Betfair

Pedro and Gabigol are working together in Flamengo (Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF)
Pedro and Gabigol are working together in Flamengo (Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF)

Pedro and Gabigol are becoming one of the most lethal attacking duos in South American football. For a long time, since the arrival of the ex-Fluminense, there has been talk about the possibility of both being able to work together in the Flamengo and with Dorival Júnior it finally happened. In an interview with Betfair, Rivaldo commented on the functioning of shirts 21 and 9.

“When we said that Pedro had been having few opportunities to play, we need to understand that with Gabigol on the team, sometimes Pedro’s space ended up being filled by a great scorer, who has already built a history in Flamengo, and it is normal for his affirmation at the club is more difficult (…) After the arrival of Dorival Júnior, who decided to bet on an attack with two strikers, everything ended up changing for Pedro, who won the title and started to stand out with his impressive numbers in the last matches” , said Rivaldo, in an interview with Betfair.

With Pedro’s great phase, many journalists are beginning to speculate on the possibility of shirt 21 being called up by coach Tite for the World Cup that takes place at the end of the year, in Qatar. On the other hand, Gabigol was part of this cycle and dreams of returning to the World Cup. Rivaldo believes that one of them is better rated.

“I see Gabigol better placed to have a place in the World Cup, as he is already adapted to the Brazilian national team and has more experience (…) I believe that Pedro may have his chance to continue acting in this way, even because his characteristics are very different. of other forwards on the national team, and coach Tite might think that his style of play could be useful in a World Cup. Everything is open, but I see Gabigol ahead in terms of his chances of reaching this year’s Cup”, concluded Rivaldo.

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