Jason Momoa Shows Ben Affleck on Warner’s Set

the star Jason Momoa may have surrendered the participation of Ben Affleck in Aquaman 2. Without making it clear if it was a mega spoiler or just a joke, the actor published photos and a video behind the scenes of Warner Bros. with Affleck.

In the caption, Momoa wrote: “Bruce and Arthur reunited. Love you and miss you. Visitors from Warner Bros. just visited the backlot. Found on set all the great things to come in Aquaman 2. All my aloha.”. In the video, he even says that the visitors caught a big secret. Check out the post below:

Aquaman and the Lost kingdom is scheduled to debut in 2023. The first Aquamanof 2018, reached the mark of US$ 1.13 billion in the box office worldwide.

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