Jorge Jesus doesn’t shut up and exposes prediction for Cebolinha in Flamengo: “He chose now…”


During an interview, the coach talked about Cebolinha’s return to Brazilian football

Jorge Jesus does not shut up and exposes prediction for Cebolinha in Fla
© Photo: Patricia De Melo Moreira/EuroFootball/Getty ImagesJorge Jesus does not shut up and exposes prediction for Cebolinha in Fla

Flamengo is sixth in the Brazilian championship with 30 points, nine less than the leader palm trees. In the last five matches played in the competition there were four wins and one defeat, three of which were invisibility games. Under the command of the technician Dorival Juniorthe Rubro-Negra team increased production and managed to present a more consistent football.

But for that, the board has been investing in the current transfer window and managed to hire good names, such as Everton Chiveswhich belonged to benfica. The player went to the Portuguese club after standing out during his time at Guildbeing considered one of the best of the position in the national football.

During an interview withChannel 11‘, the coach Jorge Jesus spoke about the expectation of the return of Scallion to national football, playing in the Flamengo. the former coach red-black believes that the player can return to the glory days, presenting a football close to when he played in the Guildthe commander even made a prediction.

“When I went to pick him up, he was a made player and left no one in doubt. He never managed to reach the level he reached in Brazil. He has now chosen Flamengo, the talent exists and it will make a difference”, highlighted.

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