Julia Dalavia gets a statement from Lucas Leto, the Marcelo of ‘Pantanal’

Lucas Leto, who plays the character Marcelo in “Pantanal” (TV Globo), made a statement to his partner in the soap opera, actress Julia dalavia (Guta), in a social network.

In a post on Instagram, the actor shared two photos – one next to his friend and another of her on top of a suitcase behind the scenes of the 9 pm serial.

In the caption, he wrote: “My partner, this is a declaration of love. Julia is one of the most brilliant actresses of our generation, her gaze is fascinating and generous. Sometimes a little lady giving health tips and other times a restless girl. Thank you for walking along with me in this great challenge”.

The actress responded to the friend’s affection and commented on the friendship between the two. “My friend, partner. I felt your hug from here. What a delight to imagine with you every day. What a pleasure! I love you, Lucas”, she said.

The castmates also left a cute message for the actors. Bella Campos, Muda in the soap opera, wrote: “The most talented in the world. The most beautiful in the world. The owners of my heart. I love you, see”.

“Just two chutchucos,” said Cauê Campos, who plays Roberto, one of Tenório’s (Murilo Benício) sons. In addition to him, the actor who plays Renato (Gabriel Santana) also commented. “Gatchuscos”.

Fans also praised the two actors and made a point of commenting on the publication. “Julia is one of the most plural actresses I’ve ever seen. There are countless who live in one. There are several people in one. I stay connected and learning from a distance with all the amplitude that she reverberates. Long live Julia (and you) in all its plurality , in all its multiplicity,” wrote one fan. “Love both of you, brilliant actors,” said another.

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