Juliana Bonde puts the camera on the volume, sensualizes close to bees and is attacked: “Just sting”

It went bad! Juliana Caetano, lead singer of Bonde do Forró and digital influencer, drove fans crazy with a publication on her Instagram Stories this Thursday afternoon (28).

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“Send me a question”, wrote the muse in the Instagram question box. In the background, Juliana Caetano decided to touch nothing more, nothing less than the bees that were near her bedroom door. Of course, minutes later the bees start chasing the muse, who quickly enters her room.

“My God, only Juliana Caetano thinks it’s a good idea to mess with bees using a broom”, joked a fan when she came across the moment on her Twitter. “Seriously, this woman is too funny,” said another. After the publication, Juliana appears answering the questions of the fans, that is, everything is fine with the vocalist.

Juliana Caetano tries to mess with bees (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Juliana Caetano tries to mess with bees (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Juliana Caetano answers if she is ashamed of the content she posts

During her ‘question and answer’ moment with the fans, one of Juliana Bonde’s followers wanted to know if the muse is ashamed of the type of content she makes and, as was to be expected, she responded bluntly.

“Aren’t you ashamed of what you do? Does your family accept you well?”, asked the boy. Then, Juliana Caetano shot: “Wow, what do I do? I’m just a singer and I make some videos for Mansão Bonde… I’m a little ashamed, to be honest, but men think it’s beautiful”.

At another point, they questioned whether the influencer wants to be a mother and, quickly, Juliana denied: “Not me, ever. Then the children grow up, they beat their parents, they take money to use drugs, so I don’t feel like it”.


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