Kelly Key asks for “cookie” wearing tiny lingerie to tan her butt: “Good morning!”

All over, literally! Kelly Key rocked social media this Thursday (28) while taking her daily dose of vitamin D in the morning. The fitness influencer made a breathtaking video and left Instagram fans completely in love.

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The muse appeared only with a set of gray lingerie, but what really caught the attention of netizens was the good shape of the singer at 39 years old. She showed off her bold tattoos and, of course, lavished the sculptural shape as a result of her daily fitness routine.

Counting on the likes of none other than Mirella, the muse still collected praise from fans. “What abs, huh!”, fired a fan of the muse in the comments of the publication. “Waiting for the day I get to this shape”, joked another internet user. “Beautiful way to start the day”, drooled another follower. Watch the video:

Kelly Key lets go of the verb after being criticized for having cosmetic procedures

It was a pistol! Recently, singer Kelly Key used Instagram to vent about a controversy involving her name. Through Stories, the fitness muse countered the criticism she has been receiving because of the aesthetic procedures she has done over the years.

According to Instagram followers, the muse would be lying when she says that she gets the “perfect” body just with her exercise routine: “I’m always very transparent. I redid the breast, redid the scar from the cesarean section that had become high, I did a little lipo in the back [nas costas] to give it a go… after all, I’m almost 40 years old, I have history.

“I share with you when I do botox, fillers, because I think it’s important not to hide this kind of thing. For years, nobody talked about it. It was something that people looked at in a pejorative way, and it is something extremely important, especially in the mature phase of a woman. Information such as hormonal modulation makes all the difference in our mood”, concluded the muse, who also denied having had liposuction.

“It’s not because I talk about some things that I’ve also done other things. Not. Everything I did, I said, I didn’t hide. That doesn’t detract from my achievement. By the way, I’ve never done this lipo HD thing, and I would have no problem saying if I had. A year ago I had a gallbladder surgery. I went a year without training hard and doing sit-ups, and I came back a few months ago,” she said.

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