Livia Andrade’s neon swimsuit reveals bold volume in photos by the pool: “Summer here”

Got attention! Lívia Andrade took advantage of Thursday (28) in the pool and did not fail to share the breathtaking records with her Instagram followers. The presenter launched a trend with her super revealing swimsuit and left internet users drooling with the sequence of clicks.

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At 39 years old, the blonde impressed with a neon green swimsuit, nothing basic and appeared posing by the pool while enjoying her vacation in the United States. The muse also combined her summer look with stylish accessories and, of course, inspired the social media crowd.

Lívia still collected praise from the crowd. “One of the most beautiful women on Brazilian TV”, fired an internet user in the comments of the publication. “Stunning with this neon swimsuit”, praised another follower. “This beauty belongs to millions”, extolled another fan of the presenter. Check out the clicks:

Lívia Andrade releases the word after criticism from Silvio Santos

Screenshots! Recently, Silvio Santos caused a stir on SBT by revealing live that the reason for Lívia Andrade’s dismissal was because of her high salary. The muse, however, did not shut up in the face of the presenter’s criticism and released the verb on social networks.

“Yes, it was high (the salary), I fought for years for it. I received good offers from other broadcasters and improved my working condition at SBT by personally negotiating one by one, most of the time with Silvio himself,” said the muse on Instagram.

“I was working on two programs, I was available 24 hours a day and I still had my butt branded with an iron on the chair that gave me shock, this is expensive! In this life, I still need to work hard to pay my bills, fulfill my dreams and continue to make my nest egg for the future”, said the blonde.

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