LoL: 2 skins hidden in the store that many players don’t know about, but can still be purchased

We’ve already talked about skins as one of the keys to League of Legends’ success. No one trusted Riot Games’ strategy of offering the game for free and funding itself by selling cosmetic content, but today many games try this tactic. However, the developer has turned producing new skins for champions into an art and a decade later, the total number of skins has risen to nearly 1,400. There are all sorts of rarities with varying prices, even some that are hidden from the eyes of players and can still be purchased.

The hidden skins in the League of Legends store

Logic tells us that, knowing how important skin sales are to Riot Games, they should be easy to find for all players. However, the developer made two exceptions. These are the cases of Annie Goth and Sivir Huntress. These skins can still be obtained by purchasing them in the store, but in a very special way. If we go to the skins section and look for them, we won’t find them. Unlike all the other skins that are still for sale, we can only get them in the champions tab by looking in Packs.

These skins are hidden in a pack - League of Legends
These skins are hidden in a pack

Both cosmetics cost 975 RP and are quite rare. There are players who have already forgotten they are available in the store or who simply never knew. The truth is that this tab of the League of Legends virtual market doesn’t offer us anything interesting after playing for a few hours and it’s likely that we haven’t even visited it in recent years. Also, while the Gothic Annie skin has seen major improvements in recent years, the Huntress Sivir cosmetic isn’t particularly interesting. The model and especially its weapon are quite good, but there are no big changes in animations or visual effects.

Still, there are several curiosities. Gothic Annie is the oldest League of Legends skin that we can still buy, and in fact, it has been dormant for years. In that sense, it’s surprising that Riot Games doesn’t want to promote it more often. Although that could change very soon. The developer announced the return of Gothic skins during this season 12. A boost that will likely make them revisit the strange situation of these two cosmetics in the store.

Annie Goth in Brazil

At the time of this writing the collector’s edition, which would have included the Gothic Annie skin, was not shown to be available in the LoL store – and it was not the case that the account already had the cosmetic item. The game’s support page indicates that, in theory, the skin should be purchasable in the same way as Huntress Sivir, but we don’t know since when the pack disappeared and stopped being sold. If you can see the collector’s edition in your account, let us know in the comments.

Update: Thanks to user “rodbss” who shared in the comments of the article the way to find the package containing Annie Gothic in the store. To find it, go to the Accessories tab, then go to Packages. There will appear the Digital Collector’s Pack, which contains the skin for the champion.

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