MEIs and small businesses can now apply for a loan through Pronampe

Since last Monday, the 25th, micro and small companies can now apply for loans through Pronampe (National Support Program for Micro and Small Businesses. The program, created during the pandemic, aims to enable credit for small business owners. See below for more information about loans through Pronampe.

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According to the publication made available in the Official Gazette on the 18th, banking institutions that will participate in Pronampe can make credit available until December 31, 2024. Thus, micro and small business owners can now go to bank branches to request the credit.

According to the ordinance that regulates the measure, the interest rate at the time of contracting will be composed of the Selic rate, which currently stands at 13.25%, plus 6%. The term to make the payment, in turn, is up to 48 months (4 years), with a maximum grace period of 11 months, already included in the aforementioned period, for the limit of up to 30% of the total billed in 2021 or up to 150 thousand reais, whichever is lower.

How to apply for the loan?

To join the program, the entrepreneur must first accept the sharing of his company’s billing data by the Federal Revenue Service with the chosen banking institution.

The sharing operation is done digitally through the e-CAC, available on the Federal Revenue website, and all it takes is one click on “Authorize data sharing” after logging in.

Once the information is shared, the entrepreneur will be free to carry out the bank loan operation with the financial institution of his choice.

However, if it does not appear in the list of recipients at the time of sharing the data, it is recommended that the entrepreneur contact the bank to verify if it will adhere to the Pronampe system.

Who can join?

To join Pronampe, you must have a micro-enterprise, with annual revenue of up to R$360,000, or a small company, with annual revenue of up to R$4.8 million. The reference billing is for the year prior to contracting the loan. Thus, for credit lines requested in 2022, the billing for the year 2021 is observed.

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