Monkeypox: Know the symptoms and how it is transmitted

In an emergency situation, decreed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the world faces a constant increase in the number of cases of monkey pox. In all, 18,000 people have already tested positive for the disease. In Brazil, at least 978 cases have already been confirmed – six of them in Santa Catarinawhich confirmed this Thursday (28) local transmission of the virus.

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The concern is currently transmission through sex. According to the WHO, most of the reported cases occurred in sexual intercourse, mainly between men. The organization even issued a warning to this public, but stressed that the risk is not restricted to them alone.

For infectious disease specialist Marcelo Otsuka, from the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases, “it is difficult to say that [a doença] is sexually transmitted”, even because there are cases of people who became infected using condoms. What can be said, so far, according to him, is that the virus is passed on through intimate contact.

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— We observe the virus in the semen, but not in an amount that is perhaps enough to cause illness. We observe that even when protectors are used, such as condoms, the infection still occurs. So what we know is that transmission is basically through intimate contact,” he said.

Therefore, the rumor that condoms do not protect against the virus concerns the fact that the disease is transmitted through intimate contact, which means that the equipment is not the only method of protection.

According to infectious disease specialist Carolina Ponzi, the transmission of the disease also happens through the respiratory tract and contact with the lesions and secretions of the infected person. This does not exclude indirect transmission, through sheets, towels and personal objects.

> Brazil has 978 cases of monkeypox; records in the world exceed 18 thousand

— Intimate contact: kissing, sleeping in the same bed. We also have a history of vertical transmission, via the placenta, from mother to baby. It can happen through sex, but not only. The population of homosexual men is the most affected, but any sexually active person can contract the disease – explains the expert.

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Monkeypox is a relative of smallpox, a disease that was eradicated in the 1980s but is less communicable, causes milder symptoms and is less deadly. It usually lasts two to four weeks and symptoms can appear five to 21 days after infection.

Most monkeypox symptoms begin with a mixture of fever, headaches, muscle aches, backaches, chills, exhaustion, and swollen lymph nodes.

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O Catarina diary also spoke with infectious disease specialist Fábio Gaudenzi, from the Epidemiological Surveillance Directorate (Dive), who answered some questions on the subject. Check out:

Can monkeypox be considered a sexually transmitted disease?

To date, from the available information, monkeypox is not considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Since the predominant form of transmission is contact with the lesions, regardless of the stage of the disease. Until the lesions are not completely healed, monkeypox will be transmissible.

What are the dangers of the disease?

It is a new disease that has not been circulating globally and is being introduced in most countries, so this raises concerns. Most patients have mild cases, but a small, more susceptible group can progress to severe cases, and there is this risk for these more vulnerable groups.

What is the behavior of the virus?

The behavior is different from what we see with the coronavirus and influenza, which have a very high transmission capacity, in crowded environments, for example. At monkeypox very close, unprotected contact is needed there with the injuries. Transmission would be more difficult, which has always favored it not spreading to other continents.

What can be done to control the disease?

So far, according to outbreaks that occurred before this big outbreak, in several countries, is that the transmission rate is less than 1, which means that the disease goes extinct by itself. As the incubation period is prolonged, when you identify a case it is possible to break the chain of transmission by isolating the patient. The use of vaccine is also being studied, I vaccinate positive cases. The vaccine strategy, however, is not defined in Brazil, only a few countries have already started it.

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