Muse of the fingers: Eliana defends the practice of female masturbation

Eliana participated in the Podcast “Quem Pode, Pod” and during the interview with Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Leme, the presenter played with the title of “Musa dos Dedinhos”, who won with the success of the song: “Os Dedinhos” and even defended the practice of female masturbation. “It’s wonderful to touch. And it has to be done”, said the presenter.

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Eliana even participated in a game in which she should answer the actresses’ questions with her hands only: “I’ve done a lot with my fingers, but you already know“, fired the presenter. “I want tips later”, said Fernanda. “No need, baby, I’m sure you’re very smart, lady”, returned the presenter.

Tarã: Eliana is cut from the Disney+ series and Xuxa explains why

Did you know that Eliana, Xuxa and Angélica would star in the series ‘Tarã’ produced by Disney+? Well, according to Rainha dos Baixinhos, in a lecture at the São Paulo International Book Biennial, Eliana was cut from the show’s cast.

The SBT presenter was vetoed from the plot due to contractual issues, since she will also be in charge of the reality show ‘Ideiais à Venda’, produced and made available by streaming movies on Netflix.

“It would be me, Angelica and Eliana, but unfortunately Eliana could not. It will be me and Angelica in ‘Taran’, which means land. Let’s record the series together”, said Xuxa during a lecture at the event.

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