NASA finds moon wells with ideal temperatures for humans

NASA announced yesterday the discovery of “shaded spots” inside wells on the Moon, with temperatures around 17ºC. The US space agency used data from the LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) space probe. According to the agency, the caves are thermally stable for lunar exploration, as the surface of the Moon registers 127ºC during the day and has minus 173ºC at night.

The pits were discovered on the Moon in 2009 and scientists now question whether the caves can be explored or used as shelters, as they provide protection from cosmic rays, solar radiation and micrometeorites at these locations.

Tyler Horvath, who led the research recently published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, says that of the more than 200 wells, about 16 are “collapsed lava tubes.” Also found on planet Earth, lava tubes form when molten lava flows under a field of cooled lava or a crust forms over a river of lava, leaving a long tunnel.

Noah Petro of NASA’s Space Flight Center at Greenbelt said the discovery was “fascinating”.

“Moon wells are a fascinating feature on the lunar surface. Knowing that they create a stable thermal environment helps us paint a picture of these unique lunar features and the prospect of one day exploring them.”

David Paige, one of the authors of the paper who took the temperature measurements used in the study, says that men may go back to living in caves, but now in lunar ones.

“Humans evolved by living in caves, and to caves we can return when we live on the Moon.”

The team also believes that the shaded part of the wells is responsible for the constant temperature, limiting the heat during the day and causing it to radiate at night.

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