Nutritionist teaches 10 simple ‘tricks’ to lose weight

The story is already known to almost everyone: when seeking to lose weight, many people invest in a restrictive, unhealthy diet. As much as the tactic works at first, it is difficult to maintain in the long term and does not promote dietary reeducation. Result: you give up the diet, go back to eating unhealthy foods, and regain the weight you lost (and sometimes even some more).

The so-called accordion effect is common in dieters and is harmful to health. According to a report published in VivaBem, slimming-fattening-slimming can increase inflammation in the body, mess up the person’s hormonal balance and facilitate increased hunger and weight gain.

Not to mention the emotional impact of the whole process. Not being able to lose weight on a sustained basis generates feelings of anxiety, frustration and even anger in many people. The accordion effect also discourages the person from maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, leading to the acquisition of harmful habits that end up negatively impacting the scale.

The best weight loss process is the one done slowly and gradually, changing eating habits and the person’s own lifestyle, reducing body fat without suffering and lastingly.

This is exactly the proposal that nutritionist Verônica Laino brought to the Menus for Emagrecer, a Live well which enters a new stage this Saturday (30/07). In the healthy eating plan, subscribers UOL will receive five exclusive menus weekly, to be followed from Monday to Friday. At the weekend, the person repeats the menus they liked the most and is still entitled to a “free meal”, to lose weight while eating what they like. The project also brings a weekly shopping list, has space to ask questions with the nutritionist, recipes and many healthy eating and weight loss tips — better understand here how Menus for Emagrecer works and when each content is published.

Diet should not deprive your life

For Verônica Laino, including healthy eating habits in everyday life allows the weight loss process to take place without us failing to enjoy important moments in life.

“The ideal is to start with the basics, with small changes that will make a big difference after a few months”, he says.

Laino has prepared a list of 10 essential tricks to create a weight loss menu that works in real life. And, of course, achieve a healthier life. Check out:

  1. Increase your water intake. “Try to drink a glass every hour, totaling 10 glasses a day”, says the specialist in functional nutrition.
  2. Include salad in dinner. “Even if you are in the habit of having a snack, include vegetables in your recipes, inside the sandwich”, she teaches. It’s even worth starting the meal with a plate of raw salad.
  3. Avoid liquids during meals. If you can’t give up drinking something along with food, change the juice or soda for water with squeezed lemon. Try not to consume more than 150 ml.
  4. consume oilseeds. “A handful of chestnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts or pistachios will provide good fats and essential nutrients for weight reduction,” he explains.
  5. Swap the cookie for a fruit. The idea is to peel more and unpack less.
  6. Replace refined carbs with wholegrain. Whole foods increase the feeling of satiety and provide more nutrients.
  7. Iinclude a cup of tea in your day. The drink is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances.
  8. change the fry for baked or grilled food.
  9. Eat colorful! Try to make your plate colorful and include at least one food of each color per week: green, yellow/orange, red, purple and white.
  10. distract the mind. “Having a hobby helps a lot in the weight loss process and makes the journey even more pleasurable”, says Laino.

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