Organized by Corinthians go to CT Joaquim Grava and pay tribute to goalkeeper Cssio; see photos

The main organizations of Corinthians gathered to pay tribute to goalkeeper Cássio. This Friday, representatives of the six supporters were at CT Joaquim Grava to congratulate the athlete for his 603 games for the club.

The goalkeeper received a plaque in gratitude for the services rendered to Timão in the last ten years. Cássio arrived at the club at the end of 2011 and, since 2012, when he took over, he has established himself in the alvinegra goal.

“Fiel Torcida thanks Gigante Cássio for the ten years of effort, struggles, joys, triumphs and glories that closed the alvinegro goal. And we congratulate him for becoming the name of an era of great achievements for Sport Clube Corinthians Paulista”, says the plaque – see photos below.

The delivery of the plaque was made by the ten-year-old young Murilo. Afterwards, the president of Gaviões da Fiel went up to personally thank Cássio. The goalkeeper’s wife also accompanied the tributes. Sign the plaque to the goalkeeper: Gaviões da Fiel, Camisa 12, Estopim da Fiel, Fiel Macabra, Pavilion 9 and Coringão Chopp.

President Duilio Monteiro Alves, alongside the football director, Roberto de Andrade, also paid tribute to the player. Cássio received “golden gloves” from the Corinthians representative.

The delivery took place this Friday, the day Corinthians scheduled a press conference with the goalkeeper in the press room of CT Dr. Joaquim Grava. Timão is worth remembering, has the final preparations to face Botafogo, this Saturday, at 19 pm, at Neo Química Arena. The match is valid for the opening of the return of the Brasileirão.

See photos of representatives of Corinthians organized supporters at CT Joaquim Grava

Corinthians organizers were at CT to honor C

Tomás Rosolino/My Timon

Plate delivered to C

Tomás Rosolino/My Timon


Tomás Rosolino/My Timon

President Duilio Monteiro Alves delivers tribute to C

Tomás Rosolino/My Timon

Gloves delivered to C

Tomás Rosolino/My Timon

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