‘Pantanal’: Alcides will ask Bruaca to return his weapon and will invite her to leave after having sex | come around

Alcides decided to leave for José Leôncio’s (Marcos Palmeira) farm in order to fulfill the agreement with Tenório: he intends to liquidate the cattle king and Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) in exchange for land. Bruaca didn’t like this story at all and will be ready to kill her husband as soon as he returns to the Pantanal.

Spoiler Alert - With gun in hand, Bruaca will threaten to take Tenório's life

Spoiler Alert – With gun in hand, Bruaca will threaten to take Tenório’s life

Behold, Alcides will appear in the lands of his first job because he knows the risk that exists with the weapon in the hands of Bruaca. He will force the lover to hand over the object, and she will only accept it in exchange for sex. That’s right!

“You lost the little sense you had…”, Alcides will comment.

“I had too much sense… For a long time… I don’t want to know any more judgment… Now go on: take off your clothes!”, she will order, full of fire.

Remember the first sex between Alcides and Bruaca:

Maria Bruaca seduces Alcides

Maria Bruaca seduces Alcides

Lying in bed, after having sex, the two will exchange declarations of love. Bruaca will say, for example, that Alcides is the only man who made her feel alive in her entire life. Alcides, in turn, will make an offer:

“If I had a little land where life begins, I’d take the lady along with me. The only thing that hurt me when I left here was not being in your company anymore…”

He will make the offer even clearer by saying that there is no reason for Bruaca to put up with Tenorio.

“It’s just a piece of ground from him. You don’t need to be too much… It’s just a corner for us to start our life…”, the pawn will say.

“You kill me when I say something like that…”, Bruaca will comment passionately.

Remember another hot moment of the couple:

Maria Bruaca asks Alcides to wear Tenório's clothes

Maria Bruaca asks Alcides to wear Tenório’s clothes

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