Paolla Oliveira reports being chased by a fan and exposes a moment of despair: “He got my address”


The actress revealed that the situation ended up at the police station and that the stalker came to live with her close friends.

Paolla Oliveira reports fan persecution and reveals a moment of despair with the same
© Reproduction: Instagram/Paolla OliveiraPaolla Oliveira reports fan persecution and reveals a moment of despair with the same

The actress Paola Oliveiracurrently the protagonist of “Face and Courage”at TV Globo, revealed to be going through a time of tension in his life. The artist revealed being chased by a fan and said that, in March of this year, it reached the point of break into the house of her boyfriend, Diogo Nogueira.

In a report to Veja magazine, Paolla said that the case is still under investigation by the police and that even after the complaint, the stalker did not stop with his attempts: “With the stalker story, I saw that the world of social media can also become a real problem when he knocks on your door. They literally knocked on my door, and that situation ended up at the police station. oh my god, how crazy”, he blurted out.

The actress also said that the fan in question came to live with her closest friends and that the situation took on a large proportion: “Sometimes people are so needy that they turn to social media, a place where affection is confused with harassment. In my case, the thing took on a gigantic proportion. The person even spoke to my friends, got my address. We are exposed, but women certainly more“, account.

When denouncing at the police station, the interpreter of “Pat” in the soap opera, relata who went through an uncomfortable moment when asked about her previous contacts with the persecuteda: “But why so many questions if I’m saying no? My message is: report it. The problem cannot be solved if we do not expose the harasser. If you are asked if you have anything to say, say it in full.”, he said finishing.

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