Penalty does not guarantee happy ending for Thiago Couto. São Paulo is still desperate behind another goalkeeper. Felipe Alves is the new target – Prisma

São Paulo Brazil

It was 18 seconds.

Hugs and words of encouragement, encouragement.

Rogério Ceni gave strength to Thiago Couto.

The young goalkeeper was celebrated for having managed to save Iago Maidana’s penalty in the 21st minute of the second half.

At the end of the match, São Paulo won 1-0, with a goal by Luciano, at Morumbi, against América Mineiro, in the first confrontation for the quarter-finals of the Copa do Brasil.

Happy ending?

No, far from it.

The São Paulo board and the Technical Commission are still looking for a goalkeeper to take over the title, while Jandrei is recovering from a slight fracture in a vertebra in his spine.

Thiago Couto is still considered immature. Far from ready for responsibility.

Just an analysis of what happened today in Morumbi.

Vagner Mancini’s América Mineiro did little to attack. And in the sharpest move, in the 19th minute, when Henrique took advantage of a faulty positioning of the São Paulo defender and invaded the area, the goalkeeper was sloppy, daring and committed the penalty. In three matches, it was the second he committed. The other was against Internacional.

São Paulo will continue to try until Saturday, the final date for registration in the Copa Sudamericana, to hire a more experienced goalkeeper to play, while Jandrei recovers.

After trying to get John, who Santos demands R$10 million, sounding out Rafael Cabral, who wants to stay on Cruzeiro, a new name came up.

Much easier and cheaper.

Felipe Alves, 34 years old, reserve goalkeeper for Juventude.

Rogério Ceni knows him very well.

They have already worked together at Fortaleza.

He was one of the leaders of his starting team, when he worked in the Northeast.

More lively, he has the profile to arrive and take Jandrei’s place, while he seeks recovery. But he would accept being São Paulo’s second goalkeeper without creating problems.

Trading happens.

Fortaleza, which loaned the player to Juventude, does not pose an obstacle.

Just like the Gaucho team.

There is only one certainty in Morumbi.

It will not be the penalty saved, and very poorly taken by Iago Maidana, which will change the search for a new goalkeeper.

Thiago Couto follows with the same analysis.

I’ts not ready.

There is a lot of money involved in the Copa do Brasil, Brazilian and Copa Sudamericana.

Nobody in São Paulo says how long Jandrei will be recovered.

The club owes more than R$700 million and has offered R$6 million for John.

With Felipe Alves the situation would be very different.

Easy hiring.

And, according to the club’s board, necessary.

There was no happy ending for Thiago Couto…

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