Petruchio drags Catarina by the shoulder, puts the pregnancy in danger and she is forced to do what she didn’t want to do: “let go of me!”

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In The Carnation and the Rose, Catarina (Adriana Esteves) will discover that she is pregnant, but at first she will hide the news. On the other hand, the young woman will confess everything after her husband drags her from Candoca’s house by his arms: “I’m pregnant”, she will say, in agony.

At the time, Catarina will have left the farm to stay at Candoca’s house, but Petruchio will not let it go and will try to look for his wife. She, of course, will refuse to go and he will carry her by the arms. “Let go of me, you will hurt me”, will say the beast.

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Afterwards, Petruchio will mock: “What you will really learn is to treat your husband”, he will warn, with his wife in his arms. “Let go of me, Petruchio, you can do harm”, says Batista’s daughter (Luis Melo). “Hurt? It will do no harm!”, he will say, not knowing what it is about. “I can’t stay in that position”, the young woman will answer. “Leave me, I’m pregnant”, she will shoot, making her husband very happy.

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Written by Walcyr Carrasco, the novel O Cravo e a Rosa is starring Eduardo Moscovis, Adriana Esteves and antagonized by Drica Moraes. Other actors such as Leandra Leal, Ana Lúcia Torres, Rodrigo Faro, Luís Melo and Ney Latorraca were part of the main cast.

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