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PlayStation has announced a new controller for playing PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5) titles on iPhone (iOS). Called Backbone One PlayStation Edition, the model is the result of a partnership between Sony and the manufacturer Backbone One, which produces accessories of the type for mobile. The idea is to make life easier for those who enjoy playing PlayStation games via Remote Play, which broadcasts the console’s screen on their cell phones and is also available for Android. The control adopts the proposal plug-and-play, i.e. just plug in to use, and it only works with Apple devices.

The company did not give details on release date and price, but said the device will have a dedicated app to keep up with PlayStation news and other social functions. For now, the gadget it will only reach a few countries, including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and in some parts of Europe (at first, Brazil is left out). See below for more details on the control.

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Backbone One PlayStation Edition promises to turn your iPhone into a portable console — Photo: Disclosure / Backbone

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The Backbone One PlayStation Edition follows the PS5’s aesthetic as well as its accessories, such as the DualSense and the official Pulse headset, in terms of finish. Sony also reported that the device does not use its own charge or batteries, but the energy of the cell phone itself to work – therefore, it only works when plugged in.

The biggest conceptual difference from the controller to the DualSense is in the positioning of the analog sticks. They are in misaligned positions, resembling an Xbox controller, for example. The manufacturer also published a video to demonstrate the practical operation of the accessory, with some games running and with people in different environments.

The controller will also have its own application by BackBone to improve user experience and maintain integration with PlayStation consoles. According to the company, the app will allow navigation between titles, and will also display information about updates and news for the games.

It is worth remembering that, to use Remote Play, it is necessary to have an Internet connection on the cell phone and on the console, either mobile data or Wi-Fi. Unlike Microsoft competitor Xbox Cloud Gaming, the PlayStation function requires the user to have a console, PS4 or PS5, turned on and connected, which is accessed remotely via an internal or external network. The feature isn’t mobile-only either – it works on computers, Windows or Mac, and doesn’t require a PS Plus subscription.

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