Police officer suspected of confusing fellow in uniform with criminal and ending up killing woman in Alemão is removed | Rio de Janeiro

The cable Eduardo Nunes Rodrigues Junior, from the Parque Proletário UPP, is suspected of being the author of the shots that killed Letícia, 50 years old. The case, which is under secrecy, is being investigated by the Civil Police.

Jornal Extra had access to the police officer’s testimony. He would have said that he was reinforcing the police around Alemão when he saw two cars stop side by side at a traffic light.

One of them was the car where Leticia was. In the other car were two policemen.

A policewoman would have put the body outside to identify herself but, in the deposition, Corporal Eduardo Rodrigues said that he had not heard the identification and that he had fired his rifle twelve times thinking it was a thief.

One of the shots hit Letícia’s car, who was already dead at the Emergency Care Unit.

Letícia was not a resident of the community. She was on her way home after helping a friend organize a party.

Letícia Marinho Sales, killed in Complexo do Alemão — Photo: Personal Archive

Letícia was shot on the 21st shortly after leaving the church, at a traffic light on one of the streets that give access to Complexo do Alemão. She had three children and three grandchildren.

A resident of Recreio dos Bandeirantes, in the West Zone, Leticia visited the community every week to help a friend who is a pastor. On Thursday, she was on her way home after helping to organize a party.

She was shot inside her boyfriend’s car on Estrada do Itararé. According to Lucilene Mendes da Silva, Letícia’s sister-in-law, there was no shooting at the time. For her, the police shot because they thought that her sister-in-law’s car could be owned by thieves.

“Not everyone who has a car on the hill is a drug dealer. The boy who was in the car with her said he rolled down the car window and they started shooting at her”, Lucilene said during her sister-in-law’s wake.

War scenes in Alemão: what is known about one of the deadliest operations in Rio

War scenes in Alemão: what is known about one of the deadliest operations in Rio

in the opinion of Neilson SalesLetícia’s nephew, the police need to respect the residents of the community.

“This inequality has to end, from brutality, from evil, from just arriving and being beaten up by the police, being beaten up by the state. I respect their power, but we good citizens want respect”, said Neilson.

The occupant of the car was injured by shrapnel.

In addition to Letícia and her boyfriend, his cousin was also in the car. Jaime Eduardo da Silva was wounded by shrapnel from the shots.

“We were shot by unprepared, unqualified police officers. There was no bandit. There was no shooting. He was given to kill. Because the policeman crossed in front of our car and fired the shot,” said Jaime.

'I saw her falling to my side, she had a hole in her chest', says victim's boyfriend in Alemão

‘I saw her falling to my side, she had a hole in her chest’, says victim’s boyfriend in Alemão


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