Public accounts have a surplus of BRL 14 billion, best result in 12 years

The federal government raised more than it earned in June. As a result, public accounts registered a primary surplus of R$ 14.43 billion.

The data were released by the Secretary of the National Treasury, an agency of the Ministry of Economy, on Thursday afternoon (28/7).

The result for June this year was the highest for the month since 2011, when the positive balance reached R$ 20.24 billion (adjusted for inflation).

In June 2021, when expenses to contain the Covid-19 pandemic pressured public accounts more strongly, there was a negative balance of BRL 82.2 billion.


The numbers excited those responsible for the disclosure. One of them shows that, in the period from January to June 2022, the National Treasury and the Central Bank presented a surplus of R$ 228.2 billion, the best result in the historical series, which began in 1997.

According to the National Treasury, the government’s accounts closed the first half of the year with a primary surplus of R$56.5 billion (adjusted for inflation).

The good results make the government optimistic about the fiscal target. In 2022, the government is authorized to close the year with a primary deficit of up to R$170.5 billion. This is the fiscal target for this year, defined by the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO).

With the surpluses obtained in succession, the Ministry of Economy believes that the negative balance should reach R$ 59.35 billion by the end of the year. That is, far from the R$ 170.5 billion originally forecast.

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