Ronaldo Phenomenon, Theresa May and Primo Rico

Personalities such as former player Ronaldo Fenômeno, former British Prime Minister Theresa May, US tennis player Serena Williams, Nathalia Arcuri, from Me Poupe!, Thiago Nigro (Primo Rico) and US futurist Amy Webb will be at the event. Expert XP, event promoted by the XP group.

The 12th edition of the event will take place on August 3 and 4 in São Paulo, in a hybrid format, in person and online, with the theme “The future through the eyes of those who transform”. XP expects 30,000 participants over the two days. Registration starts at R$1,000.

All lectures, round tables, conversations and interviews will be transmitted free of charge on the internet through the platform of XP and reproduced on the company’s social networks.

will be six lounges where guests and professionals from the XP covering topics related to investments, technology and inspiration, ESG, entrepreneurship, politics and economics. The programming of the stages goes from morning to night during the two days with simultaneous content and in different formats.

“We try to outdo ourselves every year, bringing relevant content in innovative formats so that this knowledge gains more and more breadth and helps people better manage their financial lives”, says Lisandro Lopez, marketing director at XP Inc.

Expert XP has been taking place since 2011, having been open to the public in 2017. Last year, names such as football coach Pep Guardiola, human rights activist Malala Yousafzai and US politician and businessman Michael Bloomberg participated.


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