São Paulo 1 x 0 América-MG for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil

São Paulo entered the field confident in the search for an advantage over América-MG, in the first leg of the Copa do Brasil. The team bumped into the team from Minas Gerais, saw Thiago Couto become a hero when he took a penalty in the second half, and won 1-0, a goal by Luciano. Now, you can play for the tie to qualify for the semifinals of the competition. The teams will meet again on August 18, at the Independência stadium, in Belo Horizonte.

With the return of Miranda and Léo, Rogério Ceni was able to resume the trio of defenders that has been most active. Without Patrick, with muscle edema, the coach chose to cast Luciano alongside Calleri in the attack.

With no space because of Coelho’s strong marking, São Paulo abused the aerial balls. That’s how the team’s best chance came about in the first half, with Calleri’s header that Luciano almost reached. In the 34th minute, however, Luciano arrived and headed for the nets, opening the scoring for São Paulo.

In the final stage, the visitors left for the game, bothered in the aerial ball, had a penalty in favor, but lacked quality to tie the game.

Who did well: Luciano

Luciano was the highlight of Tricolor. He looked for the ball in the defense field, floated on the backs of América-MG’s midfielders and still appeared in the area. So he ended up scoring his in the first half.

Live from Sao Paulo

Who was bad: Iago Maidana

The defender of the América-MG team had the best chance at Coelho’s feet to tie the game. But he abused his self-confidence in taking the penalty and saw Thiago Couto defend the penalty.

From villain to hero

Thiago Couto started the game surrounded by distrust because of the amount of goals he has conceded since he came in for Jandrei – with back pain, shirt 93 was not included for the match. Couto almost became a villain when he took down Henrique Almeida in the area, but he redeemed himself and grabbed the penalty taken by Iago Maidana.

After the match, the cameras caught coach Rogério Ceni giving the 23-year-old goalkeeper a big hug.

Rookie almost mark

After the soap opera lived to be hired, Giuliano Galoppo debuted with the shirt of the new club. Acting in Luciano’s place, he was free to worry only about the offensive part. And he narrowly missed scoring his own in the second half, with a shot that grazed the post of América-MG.

São Paulo’s performance

São Paulo started the game without being able to put their attack duo to work. Calleri, isolated, waited for Luciano, Igor Gomes or Rodrigo Nestor to find space to trigger him. The team appealed to long throws and crosses in an attempt to create scoring chances.

America-MG performance

Coach Vágner Mancini chose to “mirror” the home team’s scheme and sent his team to the field also in 3-5-2. The Minas Gerais team came in to explore the spaces left behind the tricolor wingers – Igor Vinícius and Wellington. But the tactic only started to be used in fact in the second half, after América-MG had left behind on the scoreboard.


In the 34th minute of the first, Luciano took advantage of the American defense’s hesitation and pushed the ball crossed by Igor Vinícius into the net.

In the 23rd minute of the second half, Thiago Couto secured the tricolor victory by defending the penalty kicked by defender Iago Maidana.


Copa do Brasil – Quarter Finals
Date and time: July 28, 2022 (Thursday), at 8 pm (Brasilia time)
Place: Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo
Referee: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (GO)
Auxiliaries: Bruno Raphael Pires (GO) and Bruno Boschlia (PR)
VAR: Rodrigo D’Alonso Ferreira (SC)

Yellow cards: Henrique Almeida (AME); Thiago Couto, Talles Costa, Igor Gomes and Gabriel Neves (SP)
Goal: Luciano, in the 34th minute of the first half

SAO PAULO: Thiago Couto; Diego Costa, Miranda and Leo; Igor Vinicius, Gabriel Neves (Pablo Maia), Igor Gomes (Talles Costa), Rodrigo Nestor (Nikão) and Welington; Luciano (Galoppo) and Calleri. Coach: Rogério Ceni.

AMERICA-MG: Matheus Cavichioli; Éder, Gérman Conti (Lucas Kal), Iago Maidana; Patric (Raul Cáceres), Juninho, Matheusinho, Marlon; Everaldo (Indio Ramírez), Felipe Azevedo (Pedrinho) and Henrique Almeida. Coach: Vagner Mancini.

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