Secretary of Health talks about the challenges of ES to contain the spread of the disease

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In the early hours of this Friday (29), the Secretary of State for Health, Nésio Fernandes, made a thread on Twitter where he listed a series of challenges in Espírito Santo in relation to monkeypox.

According to Nésio, there is an expectation that soon the disease will start to circulate at airports, as was the case with the Covid-19. “Monkeypox will soon leave the MSM group and will travel Brazil through highways and airports following the same path taken by covid, because it is the path of people, the virus does not have legs and brains. It can take 12-24 months to get better availability of vaccines”.

Currently, the Holy Spirit has two new suspected cases of the disease under investigation. Both are men, aged between 30 and 49, who have experienced symptoms such as fever and rash. So far, the State has 13 notifications. The information was released by sesa this week.

Also according to the folder, both patients are isolated and are being monitored by municipal epidemiological surveillance. Close contacts of the two men are also being followed up.

Samples from patients have already been collected and will go to the Central Public Health Laboratory of Espírito Santo (Lacen), for laboratory flow to perform differential diagnosis. Only after this process will the samples be sent to the reference laboratory in Rio de Janeiro.

For the secretary, data presented this Thursday (28), the positivity in the Brazil is close to 50% of the total number of tests performed. He highlights that the main control strategies, before the arrival of vaccines, should focus on testing, confirmation, isolation and contact tracing.

“It is necessary to recognize the potential for community transmission is already established in all states of Brazil; a disease/problem that is not suspected, not diagnosed. São Paulo has more cases, mainly because it tests more. on the public network”highlighted.

Secretary lists the main challenges in the coming days

This Friday, the Ministry of Health launches the Special Operations Center for monkeypox and raise awareness about the disease in the country. Still in the publication on the social network, Nésio Fernandes listed the main challenges for the coming days. Look:

– Rapidly expand the testing criteria and the availability of tests in all Lacen in Brazil;
– Define protocols for cases in pediatric ages and school contacts;
– Treatment protocol for severe cases;
– Mass training of human resources for suspicion and collection;

– Clear and broad risk communication strategy;
– Public policy to ensure the availability of financial assistance to facilitate the isolation of CLY, informal, MEI’s and vulnerable workers;
– Incorporation of technologies for case-contact mapping;

– Order national studies and lines of research on monkeypox and its behavior in Brazil;
– Seek to integrate coping with monkeypox with coping with other diseases; why not offer other rapid tests in monkeypox tracking and investigation?

Also according to the secretary, if real efforts are not dedicated, a new category of diseases in epidemiology may be in the process of being created and called “rapidly neglected diseases”.

Learn how to protect yourself from monkeypox

Avoid close contact with suspected and/or confirmed cases, such as touching and kissing, especially those with visible symptoms. Keep surfaces clean and sanitize your hands constantly with soap and water or alcohol gel.

In addition, try to wear a mask if you need to stay close to suspicious and / or confirmed cases, such as using the same room, for example.

Know the symptoms

Recent studies have shown that the incubation period (from exposure to the virus to the first symptom) ranges from 5 to 21 days. It is worth remembering that transmission occurs from the onset of symptoms:

– Fever;

– Sore throat;

– Headache and body ache;

– Swelling in the nodes;

– Skin lesions with small rashes that can spread to fingers, hands, arms, neck, back, chest and legs.

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