Simaria shows off with lingerie glued to the body and detail leaves fans excited

simaria it’s far from the stage but it’s still on social media! Success as a country singer, the famous is also an expert when it comes to making beautiful photos, lavishing style and a lot of sensuality.

This was the case, for example, of a publication made last Wednesday (27). Through Instagram Stories, Simone Mendes’ sister posed with a piece in front of the mirrorleaving his fans completely in awe.



On the occasion, the artist bet on a beige lingerie, leaving her powerful curves and flat belly in evidence. Other details that did not go unnoticed in Simaria’s click were his legs.

Although the image was published in the stories, where it disappears after 24 hours and does not allow comments, some pages reposted the photo. over there, the singer was surrounded by praise and affectionate messages.

“My God what a woman”said a boy. “Always a knockout this muse”commented another. “So beautiful, talented and stylish”wrote an admirer. “Simply wonderful”praised one more. “The most beautiful woman in Brazil”, highlighted another fan of the country singer.

Simaria (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

Simaria gets a message from Carlinhos Maia

In the last month, Simaria has been talked about in the media, after unfollowing her sister, Simone, and other celebrities on the Instagram. One of these people was the influencer Carlinhos Maia, who decided to send a message to the singer.

During participation in the PocCast podcast, by Rafa Uccman and Lucas Guedez, Lucas Guimarães’ husband said that understands that the singer is going through a delicate moment and said:

“I won’t stop following you. You’re going to have to swallow us.”joked the famous, who was accompanied by influencer Gkaywho also received the singer’s unfollow by surprise. “I love your songs. I’m your fan as hell, got it? I think you’re crazy sometimes.” completed.

In the same interview, Carlinhos, who has been following the routine of the sisters Simone and Simaria for years, took the opportunity to make an analysis of the relationship between the two. He also cited some differences between them.

“Simaria has her personality, that she cares, that she works. She really produces the songs, she really produces everything, she really seeks, she goes. I think she misses. That people look at her and say, ‘Damn, this girl is it’”highlighted.

Following, the influencer commented on Simone: “And Simone is that person who is just that. Who has that patience. Who just wants to earn her money. She doesn’t care, she doesn’t care about the artist, the famous. When she goes, she goes because she wants to, that’s hers”he added.

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