Sony talks about possible PS5 price increase

Sony has been raising prices on some of its electronics in recent months, such as cameras, home theaters, headphones and others, but the PS5 remains intact. At least for a while. During the company’s last fiscal meeting, there were questions about this possibility, however the company’s CFO and executive vice president, Hiroki Totoki, deflected it.

In a transcript made by the VGC, the executive explained that “at the moment, there is nothing specific that can be shared about prices”. The market expectation was that, at some point, there would be this adjustment of values ​​due to the fact that certain components of the console are also priced higher – or at least with a forecast for such.

In May, a specialist analyst told CNBC, for example, that processors should see 10-15% price increases because of the war in Ukraine. GPUs and CPUs are getting more and more expensive and this will most likely affect all products that use the items. So, of course, it wouldn’t be absurd for the PS5 to have a jump in its market value.

PS5 continues to have a lot of demand

But Sony’s problem with the PS5 doesn’t seem to be that. Since its launch, the console has been in great demand, which the company is still unable to meet. According to Totoki himself, the two main problems are the availability of parts and also the production chain of the console. The company, however, says it is excited to resolve these issues in the coming months.

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