Starfield: Bethesda would have updated and refined the graphics engine, animations, physics and AI

In less than two months we should play starfieldbut Bethesda almost on the last straight postponed the premiere of the long-awaited game. The developers allegedly didn’t waste their free time and, according to the latest report, improved significantly the production.

Starfield will debut on early 2023 and according to the last rumor – the production should receive a series of improvements that would make the title work much better. Information about the game’s improvements was provided by Colteastwood – a source associated with the Xbox brand (via Twistedvoxel).

the work in Creation Engine 2.0 (Bethesda engine) started during the previous generation, so the developers didn’t know what the new consoles would look like and what the new consoles would offer, but the developers created a separate engine that was rebuilt and upgraded to Starfield – thanks to that, the game got better and with better performance.

The Creation Engine 2.0 supports the technology Havok, so let’s get realistic physics-based animations for smooth, realistic character movements. The developers took care to improve the details, the realism of the faces and the reactions of the characters – with procedural lip synchronization.

Starfield will also use the radiant AIwhich is Bethesda’s proprietary artificial intelligence system – it gives everyone NPCs an objective, schedule and task to accomplish, regardless of what the player does. The Radiant AI in conjunction with the Creation Engine 2.0 is “beating what has been seen so far in Bethesda titles”.

The game will feature “outposts, cities and spaceports filled with factions, civilians and pirates”and the production will include extensive voice dialogs or extensive tasks – Starfield will offer “Multi-level quests and choice-based RPG mechanics”.


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